Lucia has something to say

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Video

The video. Of Bush. Wiping his hand. On Clinton’s shirt. After shaking hands. On a trip to Haiti. Says a great deal. About his character. And why he never should have been. President.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Haiti: Misconception

To my eye. Very little. Has changed. Haitians. Tell me. That this. Is not the case. And I. Am thankful. To be wrong.

They say. No, no. These. These are new piles of rubble on the street. This pile. Is shoveled into a truck. Every week. Or two. And the street is clean. Until more rubble is carried out.

The “experts.” Disagree. Some say. It will take three years to clean up the rubble. Some say. Five. The Haitians say. When the rubble is cleaned up, the rubble is cleaned up.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Haiti: A Different Arrival

Today. I arrived. In Port au Prince. For the second time. Since the earthquake. This time. Someone checked my passport.

In mid-February. There were no commercial flights. So I flew. From the Dominican Republic. On a free flight. On a small plane. With the U.N. Humanitarian Air Service.

We landed at the U.N. Logistics Base. Which shares a runway. With the regular airport. I walked off the plane. And into a broken Haiti. No one. Looked at my passport.

This time. I flew American Airlines. Seven seats across. We landed. Pulled up to the jet bridge. And I thought. They were using the airport again. But I was wrong. From the jet bridge. We went to a bus. And drove past the cracked walls. And windows. Of the airport. To a new building. A small building. With a concrete floor and corrugated tin roof. That was set up for immigration. Baggage claim. And customs. Cans of food. Roll off the lurching, snaking baggage carousel. Escaped. From suitcases. Boxes. And backpacks.

There is nothing more delicious. Than exiting an airport. And hearing your name. Shouted. By a familiar voice. I hop. Into the black car. Throwing. My luggage. Into the back seat. Looking out the windows. To see what has changed. In the last four months.

And. I see. That very, very little. Has changed.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Waking from a Blog Sleep

Stretching awake. After a long blog sleep. And travel. To Haiti after the earthquake. To Peru. To Swaziland. And back. And now. I sweep out the corners. Preparing it. Like a summer cabin. For my return.

Tomorrow. I head to Haiti. And I hope. To again. Be. A writer.