Lucia has something to say

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Life. And Art.

I love how the subconscious. Breaks through the cracks. Like a seed splitting the earth. To make itself known.

It’s already been 10 days. Since I took a found art class. At Shake Rag Alley. With Michael Donovan. Since then, I’ve been away. And now. I’m back.

I chose an industrial, metal, rigid base. Regular. Heavy. I was thinking the circle of life. The key to life. And without realizing it. I created something harsh. A blade. Cutting. And in the middle, a metal zero.

Something missing. Michael suggested something with color. Light and whimsical. I perched a blue bird. On the barbed wire.

The next day. When I woke. The very best of times. For my subconscious to surface. I understood. That this. Is about the obligations and heaviness. I often feel about life. The series of endless lists.

What is so important. About the whimsical part. Is that THAT is the key to life. Not the harsh. Metal. Industrial. Regularity. Which can result. In zero.

It’s not done yet. Artists on an assemblage listserv. And others. Have offered ideas. My favorite? To embrace it.