Lucia has something to say

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Garden Pests

My friend from Kenya and I. Survey my garden. He’s giving me great advice. On organic techniques and ways to maximize a small space. We’re pulling weeds. And talking about pests. We look at some beetles. And I tell him about 13-stripe ground squirrels burrowing in my yard.

And then. He says. “Hippos like yams.” He lives on the shore of Lake Victoria. Where hippos heave their massive bodies out of the water. A fence between them and the yams. Will do the trick. But the monkeys are another story.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Conversation on the Bus

There are some conversations. That shouldn’t happen. On a bus.

Because only one side is heard. By those nearby. It seems private. But it isn’t.

He started the call when I got on. And ended it when I got off. I only heard his half. But it was too much.

Here is his side of the conversation. Boiled down. To the core.

Hi. Did you go?

Planned Parenthood?

You should have asked me. You would have saved a lot of cab fare if you had gone to Planned Parenthood.

Listen to me. Make a photocopy of the bill. This one and the next one. And mail them to him at home or work or whatever. He’s a jerk. Tell him you expect him to pay half. It’s costing you a lot, you know.

You need to learn to be tough Clarise.

When I stepped off the bus. And into the park. Green all around. The conversation. On the bus. Hung in the air. Over the lake. Even after. It ended.