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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Mexico: Abbreviated Escape

Traveling. I try to stay in the zen zone. Where the crowds don’t exist. And having been bumped up to first class. And having those flights on time. Makes the zen zone. Easy.

The marido and I. Took the bus from Tucson. To Los Mochis. And from there. Took the train to the Copper Canyon. To Creel. Endless hours of bent legged travel.

We took a short tour. With a boy. Of no more than 16. Whose voice was right in the middle of changing. He squeaked. A few facts. About the area. And we bumped along in a big, shiny, red pickup. Which was probably. Purchased with drug money. Since that’s a big source of income. In Creel. We went to a waterfall. With a sign. Of a woman looking more like a Playboy bunny. Than a round Tarahuamara woman. And we ate lunch. At a lake. Sitting on a rock. Eating oranges. Surrounded by pine needles. Which was nearly. Perfection.