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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Unexpected

I was on my way out. To the trash. With frozen lasagna. Seven single-serving boxes. That I wasn’t sure why I bought. Because I didn’t like it. I changed my mind. And posted it on Freecycle. Thinking maybe a student would want it. Since it was free. I put it on my porch. Where it could stay nicely frozen. And left for work.

Things didn’t turn out as I expected.

The first message said, “I will take them. We are so broke and could use the food.”

The second, “Last night we each had a can of corn for dinner. It's crazy. Are those single meals or the family size lasagnas? Either way it's better than corn.”

I stopped. And thought about a family living near me. Who had canned corn for dinner. I wanted to empty out my cupboard. And buy a gift card for the grocery store.

Another message, “We're just running through a rough patch. My van broke down last Saturday (coldest day of the year). They said I have to replace the engine, so basically we have to junk it. Being that I couldn't get to work I lost my job. My husband is working thank god but his paycheck barely covers the house payment and few bills. It's crazy. Thank god they can't turn off your heat this time of year LOL. It's tough.”

I get home as soon as I can. I’ve told her if I get there before she does that I’ll get together more food. But the lasagna is already gone.

The experience has affected me deeply. I think about Barbara Ehrenreich’s book Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America. I become more conscious. Of need in my back yard. I resolve to do more. She is facing this challenge with remarkably good cheer.

Her last message was a thank you. “It took care of dinners last night and the other three were split among us all tonight. Thanks for helping us. If you ever know of anybody throwing any food out please have them contact us. Every little bit helps.”

Friday, January 18, 2008

Haunted House

Is it possible? For a house that has never seemed haunted to become so? My Dutch colonial house was built in 1918. Nothing unusual has ever happened before. But in the last 3 days, on each day, something has been on the floor that doesn't really have a way of getting there.

Day 1: An ice cube makes it's way behind the dog bowl in the kitchen.
Day 2: An Amsterdam guidebook fell from the bookshelf in the bedroom.
Day 3: A receipt moved from the table to several feet away on the floor in the dining room.

Mysterious. Do you believe in ghosts?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Do You GoodSearch?

For those of you. Who aren't already using the search engine Or haven't already designated a cause. Do me a favor. Use the site for your searches. Where you see Who Do You GoodSearch For, type in SERRV. This will bring up SERRV International Inc. (New Windsor, MD).

Today you can see. That since we joined. We've earned only $6.80. Help me bring that number up! Good cause. Good site. Good Search.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

An Absent Blogger

Coming to my blog. Is like coming to a room that’s had the door shut for a few weeks. I was here. But I shut the door for a while. And the room cooled off. With no heat coming into it. I have been. An absent blogger.

I’ve been on vacation over at Freecyle. Cleaning the house. Putting a notice on Freecycle. And leaving the stuff on the porch. For the Freecyle recipients to pick up. Goodbye large wool woven rug. Goodbye big bag o’ dog treats. When I started, I thought I’d get stuff too. A little bit of Freecyle karma. But so far, I’ve gotten exactly nothing. So, if you’ve got a hammock stand you’re just waiting to get rid of, I’m here in the world waiting for one!

And I just met a neighbor for the first time. And said something ridiculous. Displaying the social skills of a turtle. Now I want. To go right back. Into my turtle shell.

Good read of the day: What Is the What by Dave Eggers.