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Friday, May 11, 2007

I've Gotten This Far

I don't feel like flying. I arrive at the airport to find my flight is an hour late. I had to get up early. My bad. I didn't check online. I don't entirely trust that online info is in real time since I've seen it change enough that I've needed to rocket to the airport. I'm told I need to claim my bag and change airports. I did not know that I will arrive in LaGuardia and leave from JFK. I'll need to find a bus. I'm stopped going through security. They need to check my bag. They pull out yogurt and tell me it's 6 oz. So? They consider it a cream. I tell them I thought it was a solid. They take it. I've done nothing but leave my house. I feel headachy.

The bus to JFK is late. Caught in traffic. When it finally comes, we go through Queens. Past Shea Stadium. And I am dropped off at the wrong terminal. And go down. And up. The ticket agents and security are just doing their jobs. They don't really care if we all need to wait.

So I've gotten as far as JFK. And now I've got more waiting to do before my overnight flight to Brussels.


Blogger Susan as Herself said...

UGH. You just summed up all the things that I dread about traveling these days.

Hope it gets better from here. Tyr to enjoy once you get there.

1:37 PM  
Blogger Heather Plett said...

Oh dear - I hate those kinds of trips. Hope it gets better from here.

3:11 PM  
Blogger meno said...

All that and no yogurt. This is the kind of trip i hate. That's why driving to Chicago would be so easy. :)

3:58 PM  
Blogger QT said...

Well, I'd say meno's got you dead to rights on this one....

I hope things get better for you and you manage to enjoy yourself.

4:37 PM  
Blogger pei wei said...

oh dear, you poor thing. take care and i hope there's good yoghurt where you're going.

6:42 AM  

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