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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Band Boys

As my dear friend so eloquently put it, "'s not looks and/or smarts that snags those boys. I think, in fact, that those factors get in the way. It's VACANCY they crave. They want to fill you with their tortured poems and then watch disinterestedly while you throw your ruined self away. They chew you up, spit you out, and don't even burp.

Band Boys generally have very bad taste in women. Their women are SO BORING that one could die just being around them. There's not much to meet."

[And spurred on by this post, she added, "You'll probably find that Band Boys still look great. That's because they're babies mentally. But it's like a tooth with a cavity: pretty outside, rotten inside."]

True or false? Enough said.

Wandering conversations made more interesting because she lives in Kunming. Root beer floats. Painting the crosswalks. Aging parents. Endless skewers of food grilled on the street. Gillian Welch. TV trays. No call lists. Mosquitos and lightning bugs.

I'm not a summer knitter, but knitting is sneaking into my summer through the back door.

Listening to Mike Doughty, Haughty Melodic, which just arrived in the mail today. Busting up a Starbucks...


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