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Friday, July 07, 2006

Life Passions

There are people I associate with certain passions. She belly dances. He plays pedal steel guitar. She knits. They share a passion for tea. She rides her horse. (Y'all know who you are.) What about the others who just seem to go through life without a single driving passion? Do they not have passions? Do they not have one overarching passion? Do they, like me, have passions that look like the end of frayed rope--many smaller passions to drift among?

And what about those odd passions? The 20-something in the grocery store who was shopping in what looked like Spiderman jammies said he'd loved Spiderman since he was a kid, and now his house is chock full of Spiderman stuff.

What I'm listening to get my weekend off to a good start: Live version of Toolmaster of Brainerd. Good memories and big smiles.


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