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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Some Favorite Places I've Been

Borobudur - Angkor Wat - the coast of East Timor where the fish swing from trees - the park in Hanoi - Banff National Park - the vegetable market in Otavalo - Lalibela - Frida Kahlo's house - The Louvre - following wild lemurs in Madagascar - the Ecuadorian Amazon - the Taj Mahal - Ghost Ranch, Abiqu, New Mexico - the Tour de France - the chimp refuge in Lake Victoria - a boat ride in the snow on Lake Titicaca between Peru and Bolivia - bears in Denali National Park - the stonecarvers in Agra - driving the Alaska highway - safari at Amboseli - the Zebra Grill in Addis - climbing the Pacaya volcano in Guatemala - the Ubud monkey forest - Tikal - the Chiang Mai night market - camping north of the Arctic Circle - the Oventic camp in Chiapas - my favorite beach MontaƱita - Buddhist temples in Bangkok - Machu Pichu - crossing Lake Atitlan - watching eagles dive for fish near Skagway - Redwood National Park - Chicken, Alaska - swimming off Vieques - pupuserias anywhere - dancing basket makers near Machakos - Bali - touring a mine near Potosi - Ha Long Bay - riding on top of the bus...and the train - the Guachala Hacienda - a Wichi community in northern Argentina - the British Museum - the beach in El Salvador - Vietnamese water puppet theater - flying over the Nazca lines - Mitad del Mundo - and I'm sure I'll think of more...


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