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Monday, July 03, 2006

Hurtling Toward the 4th

Oh, 4th of July, I detest thee. Let me count the ways. How did I manage to be in the U.S. for this freak "holiday"? I completely avoid NPR around any holiday because the human interest drivel makes me question their cred all the other days of the year. we hurtle toward the holiday, I needed a good laugh, and thankfully, Keyhole, whoever and whatever Brit band guy he is, threw this out there which had me rolling in the aisle with glee.

Related to Q mag in the UK:

In the 'Where Are They Now?' section was an old pic of those Semisonic jokers. Each band member then tells us what they're doing now.

Sadly it's pretty dull stuff, and I really wanted one of them to say something like: "I'm in me kitchen, just having a bit of cheese on toast, and writing out a birthday card, while trying to avoid covering it in greasy finger marks. Then I'm off down the Post Office to get a stamp, and have a nice little chat with Mrs Watkins at the paper shop".

Rockin' and bluesin' out to John Mayer. Good love is on the way. And bought the new Johnny Cash...which I thought wasn't supposed to be released until tomorrow.


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