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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Haiti: The U.N.

Port-au-Prince is a city sprinkled with white U.N. and NGO 4x4s. The U.N. is everywhere. On the streets. In restaurants. We even passed a white tank with U.N. peacekeepers, guns at the ready, at a busy intersection. Right now, there are peacekeepers across the street and down the block for night. Just this weekend, 3 people were kidnapped in Peiton-Ville where I’m staying.

At a seafood restaurant tonight, I speculated that the tables around us were full of aid workers. My Haitian friend knows everyone and was able to deduce from who they were with who they were. One table was from the American embassy. Another was an airline pilot with friends. And yet another table was a government ministry with an Asian delegation. I guess I was the "aid" worker, as it were.


Blogger gary rith said...

....I am guessing Haiti is a lot warmer than your home in Wisconsin is right now...

7:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am looking for quotations about the living conditions in Haiti today for an article I'm writing for an Appleton-based newspaper. Sadly, I'm almost at deadline (less than 2 days).

Would you be able to make a comment on this? I would be grateful.

I can be reached at:

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