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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I Wish...

...that I had a studio, where I could put my loom, and all my yarn for knitting and weaving, and all the paint and glue and grout, and the broken plates for mosaics, and all the gewgaws and trinkets and bottle caps I've collected for assemblage art. And all around would be finished pieces, and half-finished pieces, and things waiting to become pieces of something.

...that I'd find a lucky penny on the sidewalk.

...that I had written The Traveling Death & Resurrection Show instead of Ariel Gore. (This is intended as a compliment of the very highest order, since I can think of only a handful of books in the world I would like to claim as my own.)

...that I spoke Spanish like a first language.

...that my yard would magically weed itself.

...that my dog were a little brighter and understood that laying right next to me on hot days and then panting is not a good idea.

Thai proverb of the day: Do not drink water under another's elbow.


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